Can't update an already submitted theme!

Whenever I upload the new file I get “Version 1.0 already exists.” What am I doing wrong? Also, I can’t install a theme from a file, it says it’s corrupted, which makes no sense since I just made it in Firefox Color.

have you tried changing the version in your json file?

[](http://in the documentation there is a small example)

Perhaps this will help. It’s a link to step by step instructions.

So, I updated the .json file & recompressed to a zip, but when I upload I get this error. I don’t know why because the json file was there when I recompressed. What am I doing wrong?

Just to make sure I’m understanding everything correctly, did you create the them using Firefox Color?
If so, you’ll want to extract the contents of the zip file produced by Firefox Color, edit the manifest.json file to change the version number from one to something else. Could be 2 or even something like 1.2. Just as long as it’s no longer simply 1.0. Then add the manifest file and the images folder to a zip file. You’ll then want to upload the new zip file when editing your existing theme.

I just did an edit of one of my own themes and didn’t get any error messages. So I’d suggest trying to add the manifest file and the images folder to another zip file and submit again.

I used Firefox Color. I exported to a zip file, uncompressed it & edited the json file, then recompressed it & when I tried to upload it I got that error message. I also tried adding the manifest file and the images folder to another zip file, like you suggested, & still got the same error message.

Gosh, I’m drawing a blank as to what the issue could be then. Sounds like you did everything correctly!

By any chance did you save your theme to Firefox Color? Maybe try exporting it again and then editing the new manifest file.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the issue is. Hopefully someone else will know.

Ok, I figured it out. It’s working now, thank you.

You’re welcome! I’m so glad you got it sorted out.