Categories vs Sub-categories


Work in progress…

Sub-categories mostly behave as their own categories. They just happen to be nested under a parent category for organization.

Subscribing to/Muting Sub-categories

Currently you must subscribe to - or mute - each category and subcategory individually. Subscribing/muting a parent category doesn’t automatically perform the same action for the sub-categories.

This especially makes sense in a community like Mozilla where each team has more general discussion, but also has very specific technical discussion. Someone may only be interested in the specific discussion on a sub-project, or they may only be interested in the general announcements to follow the broader work of the team.

You can subscribe to and mute categories and sub-categories in your preferences, or on the main page for that category/sub-category.

(Ognyan Kulev) #2

It would be nice if auto-completion of sub-categories (e.g. in Muted
list in Preferences) show parent(s) in some way. The easiest place would
be the tooltip where description is shown, e.g. “(under Parent)


Good point. On this Discourse, we always colour the subcategories the same as their parent, so hopefully that helps you out some.