Centralite 3400 Keypad support

I’m trying to get a Centralite 3400 zigbee keypad to work. I’ve successfully added to the mesh and it registers itself as a push-button, unfortunately not a keypad/pin device. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have support for any keypad devices.

I also am looking to use a Centralite 3400 Keypad.
I am willing to work on building the Adapter for it but ANY assistance on doing that would be greatly appreciated.
I am reviewing the Smart Things adapter to map out the properties, actions and events.
How to hook into the zigbee adapter for the communication is the part I am confused about.

There’s two issues with this.

A) the current schema (https://iot.mozilla.org/schemas/) doesn’t have Keypad thing type. This would requires changes to the schema and the gateway.
B) once a thing type of keypad was created, then the zigbee adapter must be modified to classify keypad zigbee devices as keypad things.

You should raise an issue on the Github gateway project and request a keypad thing type.