Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled


As it is impossible to leave a comment on the original forum thread nor on the blog

I would like to know if Firefox developers are serious or if it’s just a joke … suggested fix or workaround is to activate:
Allow Firefox to install and run studies
which is implied by and only available if this option is activated:
Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla

So you need to send (private) data collection to Mozilla Firefox to fix this ?

So you need to send (private) data collection to Mozilla Firefox to get your addons working again without running tricky code every 24 hours as suggested on ycombinator.com and on reddit.com ?

Are they really serious ?

After 15+ years of using Firefox on Windows an Linux …I am extremely disappointed by Firefox these last years!

Why does Mozilla feel like they need to babysit our browsers?
Where is the option for experienced users leaving us just controlling our browser ?

All my respects to the developers and their works.


Not sure how this works. But I would also like to control my browser. Though I am not an experienced user on MAC, I only have 2 plugs ins that I installed and all of a sudden they stop working. I am not happy that I cannot Authorise them on my end. I have been using one plug in (add blocker) for 7+ years and the other for a year. I don’t appricate they all of a sudden stop working. Don’t know how your process was, did you notify the developers about this update and that they need to upgrade the code for their plug ins? Without any notice what so ever you just disable something I have been using every day just fine? Not ok duds. not ok.


Thanks you for your answer.
It seems it is just an issue with the certificate used to sign add-on.
Seems that source code of addon needs no update.

I agree with you … where is the “reactivate addons … are you sure … [X] Yes … are you really sure … [X] Yes” options ???

For people that don’t want to send data …

I found this on github github.com with a direct xpi (extension) download link. This is published on NixOS github and seems to work on mine (don’t know for how many times).