Certificate migration from Letsencrypt to AWS certificate manager

I have a domain called abc.xyz.com for which I have installed letsencrypt on that (apache for web serving) Ubuntu 16.04 as OS and added A record set in Route53 for some time - a year. Now the same thing AWS has launched called as AWS Certificate Manager.

Problem Statement:

I have created a wildcard certificate as *.xyz.com in AWS Certificate Manager and created a CNAME entry abc.xyz.com in AWS Route53 and using *.xyz.com as my certificate name in the Elastic Load Balancer with 2 instances.

The problem is the request is routed back to the old instance (A record) with the letsencrypt certificate. We have also checked with many tools like dnschecker.org as well dig/nslookup command but found no look.

Please help us out.

Hi @anand_nani

I’m not sure why you are posting on the Mozilla forum about Web Development.
I think you should ask your question in the Let’s Encrypt forum:

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