Certification of volunteering

Hey guys,

I am starting my applications for a traineeship.Some employers ask for a proof when I list my translation work and common voice participation as volunteer work. Can I get something from the mozilla foundation? Who do I need to contact for this?

Can you share more details about your contributions, like what did you do in which project?

I don’t think we had formal such certification but we can always check with people from each projects if we can have more info about your contributions.

Also do you know any Rep or people from local Mozilla community in your region? My local community had issued such cert under the name of the local community for few times so you may ask.

Thanks @irvin, wrote him! Just wasn’t sure who is responsible for such things.

For others who might have the same question: @flod wrote me that they currently do not offer such letters. However, a link to my mozillians.org profile worked in my case.