Challange - Share the story of an amazing Mozillian

In Portland, I had a few conversations that made me realize how many amazing community stories exist across Mozilla, that we’ve never heard of. As Reps you are in all the places where these people are - emerging leaders, enablers, people you can always count on. Who are they?

For the closing of 2014, I thought it might be a worthwhile challenge to : to find a community member(volunteer or staff) you admire and to write/blog about their impact on the project, perhaps on you personally encouraging stories about people who you haven’t seen highlighted previously - as inspirations for 2015.

I’m going to write about Nigel a ‘Mozilla Sheriff’ who I met in Portland, who inspired me to send this challenge. I hope you’ll join me in sharing the stories of ‘Amazing Mozillians we don’t know.’

Note that on the CBT list this is being picked up - and promoted as a challenge similar to ‘Ice bucket’ :slight_smile: I think we’re up for it.


Relevant mailing list thread :wink:


I would like to write about Rigin oommen who inspired me a lot :smile:. We first met on a Firefox App Hackathon. He was my mentor. I found that, he is just awesome (No other words to describe him). I won the first prize in that hackathon. I want to thank him for making me the part of an awesome community, by his proper mentoring.

He is an awesome Mozillian based on India. He has been selected as the contributor of the month for November.
About him:
Rigin is an engineering student, author of 10 apps on Firefox Marketplace, and a member of the Community App Curation Board.
In addition to Marketplace, Rigin also contributes to Webmaker, Location Services, Localization, SUMO, and MDN. He is involved with organizing Mozilla Events in his local communities as well.
In November, Rigin helped to complete App Regression Testing for Firefox OS v2.1 and also contributed to localizing FxStumbler for Malayalam language.

I think i have a lot to learn from him. I am really proud to have a friend like him :smile:

what say? @Kumaresan @eKuttan @shine @psbots

Profile links:
Facebook @riginoommen


@gkr Love it!!!

I wrote my p post here -

hope to see more of these :smile: If you can please tag any social media shares with #mozlove we will compile share-out of all of these

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