Change the view order of suggestions

Now, if exists “Imported” string, it’s shown before the others. In our team (Italian) we would prefer to see (first of all) the suggestions of volunteers and only then the Imported strings. Why don’t you add an option, in the settings, to change this view order?

Hi @Sav22999,

Thanks for your suggestions! We actually sort translations slightly differently - by date in descending order, regardless of their author.

In addition to that, we always put the “active” translation (shown in the string list and editor when you select the string) on top, and rejected translations at the bottom.

I have the feeling Saverio is talking about fuzzy strings in projects like AMO and FxA, which are displayed before suggestions, and it’s indeed extremely confusing.

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Example for Bengali

I believe fuzzy translations are shown at the top because they are effectively the “active” translation in these cases. They are the translation shipped in product, even if they are not approved, so to me it makes sense to stay consistent with the rest of the app and show them at the top. Maybe there should be another flag, in the History list, to show that that translation is fuzzy?

That’s not correct. Fuzzy strings are generate by pomerge, they’re in the file but they’re not shipping in product. Most of the time they’re also completely bogus.

First of all, there’s a regression - approve button should be painted yellow for fuzzy strings. Maybe that would also fix the “extreme confusion”? :slight_smile:

I actually expect Fuzzy translations to be active (i.e. shown in the string list, in the editor and on top of the History panel), because they are the reason why these strings are in the Fuzzy state in first place.

The only alternative I can think of is to drop Fuzzy state from the UI completely and treat Fuzzy translations same as Unreviewed suggestions.

So, anyway, I think that if there is a new translation by user, fuzzy strings should go automatically “below” that one :smile:.
You can see also that “:white_check_mark:” of Fuzzy strings isn’t green, it’s grey (so it isn’t approved automatically)