Changelog: 8th April


Sharing details below of the new deployments on the Community Portal . Please find the previous posts shared on this discourse category.

April 7th

  • updated vertical spacing on campaigns page
  • Security update - tag
  • Hide report emails when user is not logged in

April 3rd
• Search and Query Param sanitization - security hot fix
• Campaign sign up for non logged in users
• Updated admin checks
• Fixed bug with query string in campaigns page
• Fixed activity card bug
• Admin function to update event discourse data

March 30th
• Export events per Campaign
• Export events per Group
• Export events per Activity
• Fix Matrix ID URL

March 26th

  • Linked languages from profile to people page with language filter
  • Linked languages from group to groups page with langauge filter
  • Linked languages from event to events page with language filter
  • Fixed height on activity cards on home page

March 25th

  • Language filters for members
  • Matrix ID for groups
  • Matrix ID for members

March 24th

  • Language filters for both groups and events (No events have language set at the moment, so the filter is not there)
  • Fixed bug where view all attendees was not showing profile images
  • Fixed language visibility issue for profiles
  • Plugin updates
  • Fixed event paging issue

March 20th
Added language dimension to groups
Added language dimension to events
Added language filter to groups page
Added language filter to events page
Added matrix profile to profile page
Added event goals and attendees


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