Changes in Community Support in 2017

Thank you for taking the time to clarify here.

@lucyharris Thank you for everything you do.

I think this strategy comes out of necessity for both Mozilla and the web. Desktop market share has dropped and mobile marketshare is negligent.

On the side of the web open and decentralized web is under grave threat. Net Neutrality is all but dead in the US (for at least four years) and large scale commercial networks suck up users daily.

If Mozilla is to be relevant is must survive. I like the strategy because it is a user generating pipeline from efforts of MoFo and Mozilla Clubs to help the world read, write, and participate to MoCo and Campus Clubs building out Firefox while we Build, Protect, and Teach.

Personally I am surprised to see the Reps Program survive. I though for sure the model would be supplanted by Campus Clubs but now I understand I had it backwards. The clubs supplement the RepsNext program. They will be a new breed of super mobilizers with specialty tracks.

It makes sense to pivot away form all the leadership gatherings. Now lets see if there is a Return of Investment that you made in us.