Open Innovation Strategy Project: Help us complete our Communities and Contributors Research!

You’d be amazed how much research you can get done when you have no life whatsoever.
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

Hi everyone,

We’re indeed knee deep into the research phase of the Open Innovation Strategy project that Patrick Finch is leading. Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us or took the time for our communities and contributors survey or for a personal interview. All of your input and thoughts make this project more valuable.

So, what’s the status quo in our three research streams?

Mozilla Staff Research

We’re about halfway through interviews with staff and former staff. The level of enthusiasm for bringing more focus to participation has been extremely rewarding. After concluding all interviews and synthesizing the findings we will publish specific thoughts and themes that we’ve heard and seen.

Communities and Contributors Research

During the past two weeks Nukeador reached out asking you for 10 minutes to fill out a survey which aims to help understand how and where our contributors engage with us. Please make yourself heard! To improve the interaction across the Mozilla project, it is vital for us to better understand the pathways of contribution, and how are our communities and contributors are connected to one another as well as to other open Web projects.

If you haven’t received an email - please check your spam folder or use the following link to take part in the survey which is available not only in English but also in Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Arabic: - We’re closing the survey on Monday (15 May).

External Research

For the external research component the Open Innovation team is partnering with the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design (CIID). CIID has been studying a large number of open source projects, non-profits and business that all use open and participatory practices such that we can also learn from their experiences.

For each case, we’ll conduct interviews with contact persons inside and outside the organisation, to get insight into various facets of these organisation’s open strategy, as well as the role and impact on their respective ecosystem.

We’ll keep communicating updates and findings here - but for more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us or have a look on our wiki.