Changes in email addresses used to post new topics to categories

Some of the categories were using email addresses from the community that requested the category and not our regular email scheme. This is why we are changed these addresses to match the category+sub@ scheme.

These are the categories that were be affected

communityops discourse
communityops meetings
communityops internal
communityops wordpress
reps meetings
reps events
reps council ama
reps webdev
meta help
meta announcements
meta feature-requests
tcp coordinators
tcp hardware
mozillians meetings
mozillians vouched
communities education
langex espanol
langex francais
langex english
communities north-america
communities mexico
communities brazil
communities bangladesh
communities philippines
communities uk
communities el-savador
communities indonesia
communities india
communities taiwan
communities germany
communities colombia
communities honduras
communities argentina
communities guatemala
communities toronto
firefox-student-ambassadors club-lead-training
firefox-student-ambassadors taiwan
firefox-student-ambassadors events
firefox-student-ambassadors recognition
firefox-student-ambassadors introductions
sumo buddies
womoz meetings
womoz events
womoz local-groups
mozilla nativo
qa firefox-os
community marketing
community marketing foxyeah
community marketing foxyeah-internal
community marketing windows10
impact teams marketpulse
comm-squared public
comm-squared public comm-squared
moz-weekend london
slovenia dizajn

Read more on how this decision was made at email for-sub categories