Changes to themeable areas of Firefox in version 89

This change is against readability of tabs. As a heavy browser user I would recommend that there is an ability to have tab_background_separator or similar option. It is fastest to read tabs when there is a separator between them.


I see how to add separators in the Bookmarks toolbar, but how does one remove them.

I also second the remark about adding back separators between tabs, at least as an option. The change appears to be a case of aesthetics over usability.


I completely agree – I actually made an account just to post this. Tab readability, for me, has suffered with this change. Is there anyway to adjust the styling of inactive tabs?


Looks like one way to workaround the issue is to open in the URL:
browser.proton.enabled - set to false

See -


Hi @YossiD, try right clicking on the separator you want to get rid of and then selecting “Delete.” That should get rid of unwanted bookmark separators.

Hi @Alex_Eisenhart, your best bet right now is to find a different theme. Can I ask what theme you’re currently using? I perceived better contrast with the built-in Firefox Alpenglow theme, and there may also be other themes on that provide more contrast.

We’re also sharing this feedback with the UX team to see if improving the contrast between active and inactive tabs.

I just updated to firefox 89.
I want to like the new theme changes, but I can’t. Sure, the new theme works if you have 7 tabs open, otherwise not so much (in my opinion). As a software developer who uses a lot of tabs for work and at home, this change is weird. I can’t see the tabs and the text fading doesn’t help at all (because there is no separator). My first reaction was to try to find out how to remove it :slight_smile:

Have same Problem with the new Design. Here my Answere so i do not dubble Answere same: Where is original theme colours?

Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

I agree completely with BatPlan. Removing the separators between the tabs makes scanning across many tabs much more difficult.

Please restore the ability to have tab separations be made visible.

However Firefox broke again this and now there are no separators between tabs again. Come on, we need tabs to be visible please.