Where is original theme colours?

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to change the theme colour of the site? There was nothing wrong with it as it was. It’s horrible now and I don’t like all the other choices. I just want to use Firefox to look at websites not try fiddling about changing the colours of it.

There must be a way of having the default colours back? Does anyone know how to do this?


Hi @freedy50, it sounds like the appearance of your Firefox changed (possibly when you were upgraded to version 89 this week).

You can modify its appearance by switching themes. When you go to your Add-ons Manager, you should see some plainer options.

Hope that helps!

No, unfortunately it does not help. The link (and tons of communication associated with the last theme changes) answer just one thing - COLOURS. I have read tens of comments today to the newly appeared theme change of FF after the last update, and all of them are commenting the same - the problem is the entire APPEARANCE of FF. Why there are not borders visible between tabs? Why the lane spacing is changing to 1.5 or maybe even 2 to have all bookmarks expanded to a list such long as from here to Baghdad? Does somebody consider before the change that the users may be using 12-13 laptop screens? Why do the theme designers still think they can change the appearance or icon placement and all users will be happy with all that changes? Yes, it is the same with MS and other software…perhaps the continuous improvement process says that 3 months without any change looks old…I dont know, but it is hell crazy. "...a modern, clean look..." I dont care any stupid colours management, I need back a classic, standard appearance that worked the best. I do not have any problems to use even 10 years old design of FF - it is just a browser to read web pages, isn`t it?

I have the same Problem, I have test to fix this with my one Theme. But i can not change the right Color. My Work is now to 90% ok for me.
Use for v7 Firefox Color, Look in .xpi (zip) Sources.


with extra Graphic

rgba(227, 228, 230, 0.1) rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)
rgba(227, 228, 230, 1) x
x x

no extra Graphic

rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)
rgba(227, 228, 230, 1) x
x x

Have only found this:
Us this Eye Friendly Theme from User dragoniccaster

Please give us the Default Theme from Firefox 88.0.1 back to Firefox 89.0 or as Extra Download

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Thanks for sharing, @gantnerer!

It’s a little tricky to look through the historic Firefox code base. This is what I was able to find regarding the colors used in the pre-89 default themes. I haven’t tested them so they may not be totally accurate.

Default light theme

     "tab_background_text": "rgb(24, 25, 26)",
      "icons": "rgb(24, 25, 26, 0.7)",
      "frame": "#E3E4E6",
      "popup": "#fff",
      "popup_text": "#0c0c0d",
      "popup_border": "#ccc",
      "tab_line": "#0a84ff",
      "toolbar": "#f5f6f7",
      "toolbar_bottom_separator": "#ccc",
      "toolbar_field": "#fff",
      "toolbar_field_text": "rgb(24, 25, 26)",
      "toolbar_field_border": "#ccc",
      "ntp_background": "#F9F9FA",
      "ntp_text": "rgb(12, 12, 13)"

Default dark theme

      "tab_background_text": "rgb(249, 249, 250)",
      "icons": "rgb(249, 249, 250, 0.7)",
      "frame": "hsl(240, 5%, 5%)",
      "popup": "#4a4a4f",
      "popup_text": "rgb(249, 249, 250)",
      "popup_border": "#27272b",
      "tab_line": "#0a84ff",
      "toolbar": "hsl(240, 1%, 20%)",
      "toolbar_bottom_separator": "hsl(240, 5%, 5%)",
      "toolbar_field": "rgb(71, 71, 73)",
      "toolbar_field_border": "rgba(249, 249, 250, 0.2)",
      "toolbar_field_separator": "#5F6670",
      "toolbar_field_text": "rgb(249, 249, 250)",
      "ntp_background": "#2A2A2E",
      "ntp_text": "rgb(249, 249, 250)",
      "sidebar": "#38383D",
      "sidebar_text": "rgb(249, 249, 250)",
      "sidebar_border": "rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1)"

If you want to create a theme using these colors, you will either need to code the theme yourself and submit it to addons.mozilla.org or create it using Firefox Color. (Quick note about Firefox Color – if you design it and then keep the FC extension installed, the theme will be applied. If you remove the extension, the theme will go away.)

Some of these theme properties are not supported at all in Firefox 89, so even if you assign a color to background tab separators, they won’t show up in the browser. You can check this page to see what properties are supported and what part of the browser they correspond to.