Changin Privacy Mode Defaults

(Greg McVerry) #1

I love privacy mode and believe the future of Firefox will be built on branding it as the privacy browser (that doesn’t suck since Apple is also using privacy as differentiator).

My question is I want to turn off tracking but keep web history. I rely heavily on my history.

Someone showed me how to change this in Firefox. Anyone have a link?

Any opinions on making this the default setting, tracking blocked but history on?

(Michael Kohler) #2

I think that question would be better suited for… You can enable Tracking Protection even outside of Private Browsing Mode (at least in Nightly). I’m not aware of any setting that would allow you to save the history in the Private Browsing Mode, however there could be one I’m not aware of.

(Archaeopteryx) #3

You can enable the tracking protection in normal browsing mode by opening Firefox’s Options > Privacy.