Changing the sync limits

I have been rather hard hit by the storage.sync API limits introduced since Firefox 79.

I assume that person(s) having invented the current enforced QUOTA_BYTES (102400), QUOTA_BYTES_PER_ITEM (8192) and MAX_ITEMS (512) limits live in their own reality that has nothing to do with what actual needs could be. Personally, I had to revert to stone age of manual syncing settings for FoxyProxy and other extensions, thanks to the above.

So the questions:

  1. Is it possible to change the storage destination to my own resources, so that my vile amounts of data stored wouldn’t waste the free storage space generously provided by Mozilla?

  2. If the above is affirmative, can I change, on browser side, the mentioned quota limits (since I can easily afford storing more than 100 data entries per sync - in case of FoxyProxy).


I’m pretty sure that storage.sync, and the limits, were defined by Google in Chrome, fwiw.

Several years ago I considered using storage.sync for an addon’s data but concluded I would have to run my own sync server. The documentation emphasised that it was for small data volumes, like settings. I investigated doing that (using a Raspberry Pi) and concluded I could do it - but never got round to it. I didn’t realise that Mozilla was not enforcing the limits!

So search for personal sync server.

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Setting up own sync server isn’t a problem, I only need to know that client-side limits can all be increased in that case.