Chrome.tabs.create opens tab twice - issue

(Alibonus Com) #1

Good day.
We use the method
to open a tab immediately after installing the firefox extension.

Example code:

var Main = {

showRegisterTab: function () {
// if fresh installation
if (!Info.isInstalled) {
if (!Main.isDebugging) {
chrome.tabs.create({‘’, active: true});
Info.isInstalled = true;



Faced problem that the method opens two identical tabs, instead of one, with an interval of several milliseconds.
The bug is reproduced with clean browser: clean history, cache, cookies … reboot the browser, and then install the extension
If it helps the extension is:

On all other browsers (chrome, opera, yandex) the tab opens only once.
What may cause the problem?
Thank you.

(YFdyh000) #2

No Info in function().

(Alibonus Com) #3

var Info = {

isLogged: false,
isInstalled: false,


(Alibonus Com) #4

Please help any one!

(Jorge) #5

I suggest creating a minimal XPI that displays this issue. The code you pasted isn’t enough to look into the problem, and your add-on on AMO has tons of extra code.