Clear "add thing" list...?

When I go to “Add Thing…”, I have a list of non-existent Things, lingering from having gone through many attempts before succeeding with the things I have - any way of removing them?

To be clear, there are no more physical things in my home; the things I have are all added and running. It seems like WebThings creates a “placeholder thing” when in “detect things”-mode, adding incremental numbers at the end, and only removes a “placeholder thing” from the list if it’s saved, thus converted to an “actual thing”.

It would be great with some kind of “purge list” function, but maybe I’m just missing it…?


Maybe the issue is with the z-wave plugin , since it’S all seem to be the same device for the 3 in the list, have you try removing z-wave plugin and readding it(shouldn’t affect the device you already have)