Clearing pairing list (edit)

Hi guys

I paired my IKEA light and socket tonight, well they appeared on the pairing screen. And I managed to turn on and off the socket . So it worked.

I moved it to another location in the house and it stopped working so I did the factory reset and tried delete the icon on the main things page, and that wasn’t straightforward. But I did it.
However, the device is still listed in the pairing screen and when I try and pair it again it will not pair. It appears that it’s just sat there, it’s not been found, it was from the original pairing. I know this because if I hit the + button on the things screen without putting the socket into pairing mode, it goes to the pairing screen and it’s sat there. How come when it’s not pairing, very odd.

Is this right. I would have thought devices should only be there when they are pairing. So my two questions are, should only devices appear there when paired and if they are there, how can I tell the devices are actually pairing.

Also how can I delete devices from the pairing screen as there were a few on my rad stats there too, which are working perfectly well.

The light it showed as paired, but I couldn’t control it from the UI

Again sorry for all the questions…


I’ve gone into the Config Zigbee adaptor and reinstalled it. and it’s telling me I need a port no under the list of Zigbee sticks. Plus the apply button isn’t working I think it could be due to the port is 0 hope some can help.Thanks

I’ve never had to manually configure a Zigbee stick with the Zigbee adapter, it should just work. To be honest I didn’t even realise all of those settings were there and we could probably improve the settings UI for that add-on.

If a removed device is appearing in the pairing screen when it’s switched off, that probably means it wasn’t properly unpaired. It’s a bit confusing but because of the way Zigbee works adding a device is a two step process behind the scenes

  1. Pair the device with the dongle (after which it appears in the add device screen)
  2. Add the the device to the Thing screen

In theory removing a device reverses these two steps, but if the unpairing doesn’t work correctly (e.g. because the device is turned off at the type of removing) then a device can get stuck on the pairing screen and there’s not currently an easy way to remove it. See for a more detailed explanation. We’ve made various improvements to this process, but it’s still not perfect.

Usually, a factory reset and re-adding of a device will solve the problem.

Hi Martin

This is really useful to know, it saves me time and energy thinking and working out that I might have messed up.

And you guys are doing a really incredible job, and I’ve only seen a part of the bigger picture. I just can’t move fast enough to see more of it😀.

So thanks for explaining that for me, again it’s very much appreciated.