Clickable link in the title of an event in the calendar

I love using Mozilla Thunderdbird, and thanks for developping this great free and open source software.
In my .ics calendar, I have a lot of links (for videoconferences especially these days with the pandemic) in the title of events. I would be great to be able to click directly on the URLs. Nowadays I have to open the event, select the link manually with the mouse, copy and paste it into my browser.
It would be great to implement this feature, in order to optimize the workflow. It would make Thunderbird even greater. :star_struck:
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is it the right place to make a feature request or am I wrong writing here?

The right place is an enhancement bug in the Calendar Product.

Not sure about the component and there may be one filed already.

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: Here is the related enhancement bug