Client side storage and 3rd party cookies

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let us say i have website and i use 3rd service or plugin inside it and it generate cookies/local storage data will it possible that my website able to read/write/modify it or not

or it depend on how i embed those service

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Hello @chrisdavidmills could you help me with the above post and the following points also :slight_smile:

and one more point i set firefox to always show up in private and to clear everything but everyday i start it i open the setting and going to the privacy and security settings and under this secction
Cookies and Site Data
Your stored cookies, site data, and cache are currently using 26.0 KB of disk space.
there always some storage used it’s value change so some days around 0.5 MB other days more
so is there someway that some website force a storage to persist despite the setting i choose

by the way i do not use any plugin or extension

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if you have time @chrisdavidmills could you check this

and anyone is welcome to explain this

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cookie is visible/accessible only for its domain
you can see the particular storage you are interested in, in the storage inspector
to find it easily, open you browser in incognito mode, so that only that storage will be there

you may want to read this:

can you share more specific details about what you are trying to do?

thanks @Rafael_Green

i was not trying to do anything just wondering

i know the third party may offer api to retrieve some data but was asking the possibility to access the stuff they store without going throw their api

the secnad one

do you have any idea why this happen

thanks again for your help and have a nice day

under Cookies and Site Data
what do you see when you click the “Manage data…” button?

nothing that the interesting part of it :joy:

do you see cookies that are not part of mozilla?

nothing there it totaly empty and the exception also the same

can you send a screenshot with the 26.0 KB?

it’s not always fixed size some time it go up to 0.5mb

from here:

type about:cache in the address bar and press Enter

thanks for the link man

i will use the about:cache thing after close the broweser to check what left there and will let you know what i get

type about:cache?storage=disk&context=

do not panic i am alive :joy:

thanks man for the help
it show 9 entries
i tried to open but i did not understand any thing heheh

thanks man for your time and help

the first two are related to remote settings of the browser
see here:
the others are Brotli assets
read about it here:

thanks a lot man but the question why they show up when i start firefox while i choose private mode and also clear on exit

and if they presist so why they vanish if i clicked on clear data manually

another point do you face issue when you get to about:config in firefox for android it never open and say can not complete request and the url change to resource//andoid/assests/other lengthy address

just wanted to let you know that they restrict the about:config page to only night and beta version in android :sob:

i wish they bring it back

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