Coding challenge: Help visualize KB localization coverage

Hi all,

Kitsune internal dashboards are not providing a nice visualization of the localization coverage for all locales and products in a single view, but apparently there is an API to extract this data.

Who would be interested in playing with the data to get a visualization like this with the latest data (last day)?


Locale Top 20 Top 100 All articles
Locale code XX% XX% XX%

I’m specially interested in Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android, Firefox iOS and Firefox Lite


I am giving this a try.

Would it be possible to export the entire data to a single file and make it available?
The API will need to be called a few thousand times to get all the data and it seems like a bad approach to doing it. It also causes a gateway timeout.

Is there a way just to call the API for the last day data and then stop? We don’t really need all historical data, right?

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I also experienced the very same problem and asked this question on Telegram.

@safwan I was told you had some experience hacking on kitsune code in the past, maybe this is a quick fix to the API that can hep the data manipulation?

@nukeador his has been broken since we upgraded to elasticsearch 2.x.
I have started working on upgrading the infrastructure to Elasticsearch 6.x and I dont think this API can be fixed easily without upgrading it elasticsearch 6.x.
If you have DB access of SUMO, I can try to write some SQL query that you can run in order to get the result you are trying to get

Bug for info:

But this API I’m referring to is working.

I suspect the API is providing correct data. If the API is providing actual data, you could see the matrics in the localization metrix page

The API is providing good data but that dashboard has been broken for a long time now.