Collaborating and making an indian-english accent model for once and for all

So, i have literally searched the whole web for speech recognition models for indian-english accent but had no luck. I have seen people creating models but never sharing their models. So, let’s collaborate and make the model available for the indian community, shall we ?

Hello sounds interesting. Let’s do it.

Great !
I have gathered around 10 hours of indian english speech and by augmenting it, we would have around 30 hours of speech.
Will check put mozilla comman voice too.
Do you have any other sources of indian english data ?

Hey can you contact me on my mail? surya @ snshine [dot] in

We can talk there. Voxforge has Indian accent data. And can donwload some from IITM last time I checked. Please mail and we can work on it.

I am also interested. Pls email me on

I earlier checked Mozilla common voice , but did not find Indian English data. I am now trying to build my own custom DeepSpeech dataset from youtube Indian English videos.

There is Indian English accent. Please join forces to motivate people to contribute. There should a be a new Common Voice release soonish.