Collaboration 2015-01-18


Does anyone have anything they’d like to discuss or work on?

  • I need to make a pilot doc for using Discourse to do an AMA
  • We could discuss the pros and cons of taking a multi-site approach to Discourse
  • @mrz asked for a summary of the 2015 pad

(Leo McArdle) #2

I remember that the meeting times changed, but I can’t remember to when.

I’d love to discuss the pros and cons of multi-site Discourse, but I’m watching incredibly important American Football from 20:00 UTC onwards, so I might not be able to join this week.


It’s more flexible, the original time was 9pm your time, but the window has been expanded to start at 8pm (which is 3pm my time). If you want to discuss this at 8, I’ll check for you on IRC, @yousef would you be able to make it?