Collapse all account

As the 68.x version made Dorando Keyconfig plugin unusable, I searched if there was a shortcut to collapse all accounts.
I’ve configured about 15 accounts and, when there are many subfolders open, it was very, very, very comfortable to collapse them all just by a shortcut.
I found that, in theory, this should be possible by simply click * but it doesn’t work.
So, I think such a useful shortcut should be built-in: so, if it’s not, this is a humble suggestion for Thunderbird developers.
If there is a way to do that already, someone knows it?

This is driving me nuts, more and more. Why is this feature not there ? And why is there no extension to do it. I have been using it forever. But another few months of this, and I will be looking for a replacement. Any suggestions anyone.

Would enabling the Folder Pane toolbar and trying one of the Unread, Unified, Favorite or Recent selections be useful?

Folder Views

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