Collapse, Expand and Close buttons!

I just received a review: “Need an update
The “collapse”, “expand”, “close” buttons are not displayed”. To be quite honest I have no idea what he is talking about. Is there anyway I can change something on my theme so what he wants will work?

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the three icons in the top right of the browser.

Which theme was he was referring to?

Thanks, Pam…Should have figured that out, but I am getting old!!! Had to go back and find the theme he mentioned. It was “Sakura Blossoms and Birds” . I can see why it is a bit hard to see but certainly not impossible! We don’t have any control over that, do we?

I’ve come across that issue with a couple of mine, this one in particular. My text is white but the clouds in the upper right corner made it difficult to see those icons. So what I did was add a bit of a partially transparent bar that fades out to the left. It then allowed for the icons to have more visibility. You could play around with something like that if you want. It’s not always perfect, particularly if Mozilla changes how the themes are displayed. I’ve already had to change them once because after an update the themes displayed slightly different making the bar I added off center with the icons.

Thanks…I would have to do that through Firefox Color, right? I submit my themes with a jpg so don’t go through FC so can’t pick and choose too many choices for different areas. Personally I have no problem seeing the marks and I have old eyes!

Is there a way I can change that going through the old way of submitting themes?

Hope you are doing well. Haven’t talked to you for years!



I added the “bar” as I call it in Photoshop. So here is an example of the bar for the theme I mentioned on a solid red background (I originally did a white background the the forum is in white) and on the actual theme.


The bar can be smaller, of course. It just really only needs to be behind where the icons are. You could even, if you so chose to, just highlight the area behind where the icons will be like, for example, this:

It just took me some testing to get the placement where I needed it. However, as I mentioned before, with changes that Mozilla makes to the browser, it can throw off the alignment. I tested the Red Camero theme on my browser again today and saw that the alignment is off once again. It can be frustrating, but if you keep an editable file of your theme it’s pretty easy to go back in and change it.

And since it would done through whatever graphics program you use, Firefox Color isn’t needed. You could, however, use Firefox color just to test the placement of the bar or whatever you choose to do to make the icons stand out a bit more. Totally up to you.

I am doing alright. I hope you are as well. It has been awhile.

Thanks…I will try that. Never thought of it to be honest! BUT wouldn’t everyone’s screen have a different placement because of screen size, toolbars, etc. I guess if they don’t like it they can just change themes! I will give it a try for sure and appreciate the lesson!

That’s a very good point. I honestly don’t know.

I just tested to see whether the bar placement would be different if I hid the Menu bar and it is. :confused: Sorry! My suggestion may no longer work unless you take those other aspects into consideration as well.

What would really be great is the ability to set up a hover color for the minimize and maximize icons as well as the menu. The exit button already has the default red hover color. While someone may have trouble seeing those icons, if there was a hover color (besides the rather transparent white default color) they would probably see them easier provided people chose hover colors/transparencies that allowed for easy visibility.

I totally agree…but it keeps telling me my response is too short so I am adding this to make it long enough!

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