Color Ways

When I updated my Firefox I got the notice I could try Firefox Colorways…I think that is what it was called. I made the mistake of trying it. Now, how do I get rid of it, as I don’t like or need it?

Ctrl + Shift + A
or visit: about:addons
and then click “Themes” on the side.

I want to remove the add-on completely! I know how to find them but I don 't want it at all. I can’t disable it even.

That’s for sure not an addon and I’m pretty sure this consumes 0 memory and 0 CPU and few KB or MB of storage.
Many people like to customize the sh*t out of everything so I’m sure they will be happy :smiley:.

BTW, to see all addons (including internal) see: about:support
And to see processes, see: about:processes

Vibrant new colorways from Firefox. Available for a limited time.

Yes, BUT I want it gone, NOW! So, how can I do that, or I am I stuck with it?

You should be able to select any other theme. The “colorways” section is not something you “added”, so it’s also not something you can remove.

Thanks, freaktechnik…I will live with it till they take it away, hopefully soon!

Do you know why colorways only available for a limited time? I don’t get it.

Maybe the answer is in this blog post.

Introducing New Colorways for Firefox 94