Command-line option to manage updates in future versions to use it in portable installations?

I am using Firefox as portable app, with --no-remote --profile “%profile_path%”. I update it regularly, it’s convenient for me to see notifications of new updates and install them whenever I see fit. I recently noticed that Firefox creates a folder on every computer C:\ProgramData\Mozilla\updates, which is not good for the portable version, really. The only way to stop this I found was to completely disable updates via distribution\policies. I don’t want to.

Maybe developers could add a command-line option to manage updates in future versions? I’d like that very much. It will be generally perfect if i could specify folder to download updates to, instead of leaving files on other people’s computers.

The problem is also that if firefox is already installed on the machine, its update parameter is applied to the portable version, and if I change the portable version parameter, the parameter changes on the installed system.

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