Common Voice 100 hours sprint

Hi all,

I want to share the campaign that we have just launched today. If you are contributing to Common Voice in English, please sign up and spread the word! :smiley:

Thanks for your contributions!

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Hi @nukeador, sound good! I have a couple of questions:

  1. How can I see how many English sentences there are available to read that haven’t so far been recorded at all?

  2. Do you have an urgent need for additional sentences for the sprint? I can easily upload more if that would be helpful, but the bottleneck is getting them through Sentence Collector review. More reviewers are needed there!

We have a plan in place to import a lot of new ones by the 22th thanks to a partner work we have been doing, that need will be covered :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear. Any ideas on question 1 please?

I would have to consult with our dev to check if we can get a number, I’ll see what I can do next week. How do you think this figure can help you?

Many thanks. The number of ‘new’ sentences available to read is a measure of the extent to which the uploads and Sentence Collector validations are keeping pace with the readers. It seems important to keep a good number of unread sentences available at all times, as that’s the most efficient way of getting one recording per sentence which is what the ML team want at the moment. If the number drops to zero, I’ll know we need to do a sprint on sentence uploading and validation. Having the number accessible onscreen somewhere would be very useful.


Do you review your own sentences, Michael? Because I try my best to keep my review queue as close to zero as possible, and it might just be you and I doing the most work in English.

Yes, I normally do - because otherwise they seem to sit for ever in my list. I uploaded around 4000 sentences yesterday, of which I still have to review around 2700. I don’t see many other people uploading, and the fact that my sentences remain available for me to review for ages if I don’t add a vote myself suggests that it may well be you and I doing the bulk of the English sentence reviewing work.