Common Voice 2024 Roadmap and Q&A event April 24th

Hello everyone, we wanted to work to driving more transparency around the work the team is doing so have published our 2024 roadmap here to better communicate what we’re working on, the priorities that drive our 2024 goals and what we’ve delivered in the first quarter of the year.

We’ll be running a Q&A event with the team on April 24th, if you can’t join us live we’ll make the video available afterwards. The form to sign up and leave us a question can be found here.

You can also leave your questions in this thread for us to answer, on Matrix, or email us at If you email, please include the text “Q&A” in the subject line so we don’t miss your questions.

Your thoughts, feedback and concerns are so welcome in any format, in any language and across any medium.


I’m so happy to see you are doing this again, after two years, even with so little resources you rock!

One Q: I signed up and got an e-email/invitation for 24th of April, instead of 23rd. Can you please clarify the exact timing?

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It should be the 24th, thanks so much for flagging this for me!

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