Common Voice briefly unavailable April 15th

Hello! Our IT-SRE team has been hard at work migrating the Common Voice backend infrastructure from its current home to a new Kubernetes-based set-up. This is to bring our systems more in line with current best practices within Mozilla, and will lead to smoother deploys in the future by giving us more flexible testing environments and better app monitoring and health-check tools. It will also enable several other features that we’ve been working on behind the scenes, such as better performance measurement of the database and splitting read-only queries into their own replica.

We’re finally ready to switch over the production environment to Kubernetes, which means that Common Voice will be unavailable while we make sure everything is set up correctly. The migration is scheduled to start Wednesday, April 15th, 2PM CEST / 8 AM EDT / 5 AM PDT. We expect the maintenance to last no more than 2 hours, and we will update this Discourse post when maintenance is complete. Thanks for your patience, and see you on the other side!


And we’re back! There may be a small chance that you will still see the maintenance mode on the site due to cached DNS in your browser or system, in which case you’ll need to flush your DNS cache.

Please report any other unusual issues in this thread. Thanks so much for your patience everyone.

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