Common Voice Discord Bot

Hi there, I was wondering if I would be allowed to create a Common Voice Discord bot or not. Please let me know your thoughts!

Update: I made a little demo, let me know your thoughts!

This demo only includes the listening portion of Common Voice but is very well possible to make it work with recording as well!

I envision having a Common Voice Discord server community where users can contribute to Common Voice using this bot. The bot could also reward them for contributing through level roles, points, or other means within Discord which I think would encourage more people to contribute and have fun with Common Voice :smile:


Hello @dzlandis

Thanks for show interest in the Common Voice project.

My name is Hillary, Common Voice Community manager. I’m part of the product team.

Is it possible if we could discuss your idea further via email or a zoom call, so we can meet you and thoroughly assess your concept?


Hi there! Sorry for such a delayed response on this. I would be happy to communicate in Element DMs, email, or on Discord via text about this. Whatever works best for you all. I also sent this same message to you in the Common Voice Mozilla Chat so feel free to follow-up whichever way is easiest. Happy to see you guys took notice at the little demo I made! :hugs:

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Just a random dude passing by… I have NO power here. But just to tell you…

Your idea seems great ! (…and you already have a prototype).
I hope you will be able to deploy it :slight_smile:


any updates on this? Love this concept and execution.