Common Voice domain and repo migration complete

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that as discussed in the Quarter 2 Community Update, Common Voice is now being served from Currently, all traffic to the old domain is being forwarded automatically, and we are working on a longer-term plan that will continue to preserve localized routes even once the new site is ready.

We have also taken this opportunity to make some planned changes to our repo, which can now be found at mozilla/common-voice. Additionally, in keeping with ongoing efforts at Mozilla to be more cognizant of inclusive language, we have switched our default git branch from master to main. As with the domain change, traffic to the old voice-web will be forwarded directly to the new repo, but you may need to manually update your git remotes if you have a local copy of our site running. As always, all other Common Voice-affiliated projects can be found at the Common-Voice org on Github.

Thanks for bearing with us, we know this creates disruptions to some of your workflows and we appreciate your patience and support.