Common Voice Style Guide Localisation?

Hey everyone,

In supporting a community query - I realised that we don’t have a Living Localization Guide that gives tips for maintaining and organising to localise Common Voice via Pontoon.

SUMO has a really good which includes:

Would people like this? Please feel free to share your thoughts

IMHO, Pontoon is a pretty basic tool, especially for people who already did similar stuff… And the information on SUMO is very detailed, much more than necessary. Nobody will read this.

A simple two-paragraph introduction and a video guide embedded in the Playbook would be more than enough.

For example:

  • We use Pontoon to translate the website of Common Voice, etc etc
  • Please visit Pontoon frequently to complete the translations. Every now and then new strings come out to be translated.
  • If a language has a manager it will be automatically handled, if no manager, you can apply here (link)
  • You may like to form a translator group in you community.
  • Here is a basic walk-through video (link)