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My name is Hillary, Common Voice Community Manager at Mozilla Foundation.

I have created this topic to support new contributors. If you have any questions please comment !

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Hi ᱡᱚᱦᱟᱨ नमस्ते
Myself Prasanta, few months back i came to know about Common Voice and since then with my friends translated website and contributed many sentences. I like the concept of collecting voice and providing to others free of cost. As, for my Santali language community i think it will be first time contributing (crowdsourcing) voices for sentence which may be used in future for research, academic or any other field. I’m very exited to contribute my voice to Common Voice and hope Santali Community members would be very happy, and get motivated to do so. Because a new platfom is out for them to contribute for their development. I have seen your post later otherwise i would have posted my question here😊. When Santali language would be available for its voice contribution??
link: Santali language in Common Voice