Community Call Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mozilla North American Community Call

Opening up the year of 2017 with a beautiful community call :)Details on our Etherpad:

Google hangout link posted before the call on the etherpad.

Sun Jan 8, 2017 6pm – 7pm Central Time

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North America third community call went well, we are looking forward to our next call in a few weeks. Blue Skies !

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The notes are pretty light and it seems there were some important topics discussed. Could we maybe have some linked topics made to get into them for those of us who couldn’t make it?

I’d like to know more about Mozilla Rebranding, and then also the discussion around doing our own branding.


Hi Kensie,
Thank you for the feedback! We will make improvements to the notes moving forward.

For the next two weeks we are asking the community to pitch in ideas on how they would like the North American logo to look like. On the etherpad there is a link to the Mozilla Rebranding video call and on that call is a sneak peek of the new Mozilla logo.

If you have any ideas or would like to design something, please feel free to reach out to Robby or me.

Also we are seeking past Mozilla community social media strategies. We have a blog and a few social media channels. If we could chart out a content calendar or strategy for the first quarter of the year, that would great.

Any contribution to either of those goals would be greatly appreciated.

:heart: Semirah

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Ok thanks, I watched the first bit up until the video about the new logo. I don’t have 35 min to watch the rest, if there’s something in there that is important to communities could someone recap or share the timestamp?

With regards to our own logo, I am a bit trepidatious based on past experience. Again possibly there is some relevant stuff for this in the branding video, but I thought that branding was designing these logos with a common format in mind for community reuse, so that should be taken into account.

More importantly I think we should have a mission statement before we try to get branding. From past experience, we are a huge region geographically and we need to figure out how to define that common purpose that makes sense for us to organize as a continent, rather than as smaller communities. Branding should be a piece of that strategy, IMO.

I do think that the current political climate in the last few years has really created a great opportunity for us to share Mozilla’s values of privacy and a free protected internet, where in the past it has been harder to get North Americans to care about these things. In the past we have struggled to figure out the “glue” as we don’t have a common language that needs l10n. Perhaps this is finally our time to rally around something!

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Great Suggestions and ideas @majken. Like @semirah.dolan indicated we need to improve on our notes (smiles). We will work on that on the next meeting. As for the Logo, I have no expertise and hopefully we can brainstorm more as we continue these meetings. If you have any more feedback, please let us know. We’re thrill and start learning at the same time (smiles).