Community Development Team Q1 2018 OKRs

Hello all,
here are the Community Development Team 2018 for Q1. Let us know what you think:

Objective 1 We are set up to learn how to turn students into code contributors, via a series of experiments run through a healthy network of student clubs.

  • KR1: We maintain a network of healthy clubs reflected by Club Captain’s reporting an NPS of 35% or higher. (Sample question to Captains: “Would you recommend other CS clubs to join the Mozilla OSS Network?”)
  • KR2: We have run 8 experiments and have data for 100% of them that is informing our experiments for Q2

Objective 2: By end of Q1 we are advancing towards a modern, unified approach to Mission Driven Mozillians engagement by piloting two implementation strategies (one regional, one functional) and working closely with staff and volunteer communities to prepare for wider implementation in Q2 and beyond.

  • KR1: Through a group structures pilot project in India we have a proposed set of standards and guidelines for officially recognized group structures .
  • KR2: As a result of a pilot focused on refactoring volunteer leadership structures in L10N we have a clear baseline for community health in L10N and we see a trend towards health in those communities.
  • KR3: We have a standardized mechanism for distributing resources to volunteers and have validated it with 3 teams.
  • KR4: Reps is well positioned to evolve into a program that serves the community expert role for Mission Driven Mozillians with a set of clearly identified changes and a roadmap for Q2 implementation.
  • KR5: We’re driving engagement and energy from the current mission driven mozillians through two designed campaigns (Internet Health Report, L10N + Privacy Day), both staff and volunteer designed, that bring measurable impact to Mozilla’s mission.

Objective 3: Through a set of processes, standards and workflows Mozilla’s product and technology projects, open source communities, and network are successfully advancing towards increased diversity and inclusion.

  • KR1: We have applied D&I data and metric standards to 3 project and each project reports an increased understanding of D&I in their communities.
  • KR2: We have scoped 8 projects for Q2 for embedding D&I into service design, open by design, and systems at Mozilla
  • KR3: The CPG process for volunteers is ready to be publically displayed on the site and requirements for future automation are built into the Mozillians roadmap.
  • KR4: We’ve launch our first D&I open source call that bring together external collaborators.
  • KR5: Research informs goals for a community manager moderation workshop for Q2 planning
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Happy to see the points mentioned above. :slight_smile:

It could’ve been better if this OKR was recieved earlier, not in Feb. Please check if we can get next OKR before Q2 2018 starts.