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Hi @couci,

I would like to know what the community can help here in Brazil. What is urgent to get more attention from us? We’ve seen that the Firefox browser increasingly loses space to other browsers. Is Mozilla supporting anything in this regard? To reclaim space between the most used browsers.



Oi @vagloris!

Not @couci, but there’s always things to do for all communities everywhere.
Some endless tasks that come to mind:

Are you spreading left and right everywhere you go?

I feel that we all should change the optic a bit and not look into “What is Mozilla supporting to reclaim space between the most used browsers?” but into “What am I doing to support Mozilla reclaim space between the most used browsers?”…

Can you come up with some ideas that your fellow 46 Brazilians over at can get excited about?

Just some thoughts and do share if you come up with something, we in es-MX also despair sometimes and look for “What is urgent to get more attention from us?” when there are less glamorous routinary tasks like the ones linked above that are there all the time and are endless.

Muito obrigado!

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Hi @alex_mayorga,

I agree with everything you said.

I’m going to mobilize a new community militancy to address the items you commented on, but also create something independent of Mozilla. Something I believe in and share with the community.

Make a mobilization to save the Firefox browser, otherwise the same thing that happened with Firefox OS will happen.

If that happens, I believe that our work in the community will no longer make sense. That all our work has not been useful for all people who need privacy and security with their information.

Save your Firefox browser!

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Beware there is some broken links at the manifesto resumé.