Compact Menu 2 has a minor problem with Waterfox

(Zoom) #1

Compact Menu 2 needs a minor adjustment for Waterfox 56.2.2, the extension does install, but the icon has to be brought out from Customize and and then clicked on to make the extension work properly since until that is done the stock menu is active and I think clicking on the icon has to be done everytime the Waterfox browser starts to make Compact Menu 2 active. Please fix this Milly.

I’m running Waterfox 56.2.2 x64, I don’t know how to contact the author since Her website is mostly in Japanese which I don’t know how to read.

(Jorge) #2

This forum is for Firefox add-ons. I suggest you look for a Waterfox forum for help with this.

(Zoom) #3

It’s been fixed with an update, problem solved.