Competitive Organizations

I was in a workshop on Tuesday where a number of organizations told me they would like their staff/users to contribute to Common Voice as an organization. They would also like to have a competitive element to the contributing. They also like the idea of organizations competing with each other.

I notice in Pontoon that there are 2 strings that partially point towards this:
Welcome { $company } staff
Log in / Sign in with { $company } e-mail
But I’ve not been able to track them down on the staging site

Could this be done?

So far the only idea I have is that individuals adopt a profile name, linked to the organization name, eg, rp01-organization. Others could be jg04, bm06, etc. These could then be counted and totalled in the Profile Dashboard > Main Contributors, though I’m not sure if everyone appears there, to be able to make a comprehensive total.

Any workable suggestions?

This is great feedback.

So far we have engaged with a few organizations that want their members to participate, we plan to publish a bit more details on the thinking and potential plans about this soon.

If you have a contact in these companies, please forward them to us (pm or email) and we can see how to collaborate.


Thanks, I’ll invite them to contact you directly via e-mail.