Confluence/JIRA experts needed

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@melek (and anyone else who would like to help!) we are using JIRA/Confluence for our issue tracking/project management.

We could use some advice on how to best set up our projects and epics etc to suit the work we’re trying to do. Most of us are new to Confluence as well, so advice on what features we may want to use to give us a head start would be great.

We have triage meetings on Tuesdays, currently at 4pm UTC. If you can make it, that might be the best way to see how we’re working to be able to advise us. If you can’t make that, we can always arrange a 1:1 so I can show you our set up. You can also just poke around yourself to get an idea.

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Here are a couple examples of things we’d like to set up:

Pages to prioritize and track progress of “projects” that have tasks across JIRA projects.
Pages to document access approval and withdrawal, eg admin rights to Discourse. We’d like to track why someone was added as an admin and when, and also if they are removed (so far usually due to inactivity) and why and when.

We also have some challenges with organizing projects that have technical tasks, but also work towards more people focused goals. Like we want to help Discourse get adopted more widely. Some tasks are technical, like making plugins, but others are stuff like trying to recruit new contributors to work on those specific technical tasks. So some tasks fall under Discourse improvement, but also community building.

Just a heads up if you are ever interested Atlassian provides a free hosted full featured version of all their products for open source projects. They also provide free 24/7/365 support and training.

We already have an OSS license.

Hey Kensie, again sorry for the delayed answer :frowning: I think to help better in this we need a 1:1 call. I can’t attend the triage meeting as I’m still at work during the this meeting. Do you think this Saturday or Sunday can work for you?
I need to understand about the relation between Jira and Confluence that you’ve set this way I can reply to the needs :smile:

Free training? Don’t suppose you have a link handy? I know the support is great, but I thought the training was paid!

I’m hesitant about this weekend since it’s a long weekend here. But why not email me with some times that work for you and we’ll go from there?

Just sent you an email :slight_smile:

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Right but it looks like you guys are self hosting which cost the money of hosting… Atlassian will actually host the products for free for OSS products on their HA cloud.

Example: (All of their products for us on their cloud for free for life) we could have self-hosted but meh why pay extra for hosting?

Where I worked did the Atlassian hosting, it’s not as customizable among other things. Also we’re an Ops team, so self-hosting is a learning opportunity/contribution pathway. (on my way out the door, if this feels short, that’s why!)

because the self-hosted version is better

And, as Kensie said, it’s good practice on systems administration. Tomcat is different to anything else the guys do so it’s a nice variation

Hosting doesn’t cost much really. Maybe $35 per month? Totally worth it

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