Confused about visibility settings

Hi there,

I’m a bit confused about visibility settings of addons.

Looks like “visible” is 100% public, findable by anyone, etc.

But “invisible” not only hides the addon from search, but means I have to host it myself.

Is there any way to have you host it and handle updates, but have it hidden from addon search and search engines, so that only people who have the URL can install it?


No, there is not, see for all available options supported by AMO.

Hi @ross, it sounds like self-distribution is the method you want to choose. In that flow, you’ll upload the extension for signing. Once it’s signed, you can download the .xpi and then host it wherever it makes sense. Then, point your users to where it’s being hosted for installation.

You can set self-distributed extensions to handle updates. See for notes.