Congrats Add-on Developer & Firefox 57 Contest

(Viswaprasath) #1

First week of November we had exciting meetup at Hyderabad, lot of new experiments were demoed.

Few days back Santhosh announced exciting event to give AMO pen drive for best Add-ons from India. We have considered the addons which had the mozillain tag[1]

We (Santhosh, Trishul, Karthick and myself) worked together to find the best 3 addons. We decided based on lot of metrics like number of users, how useful it is, UI /UX. And we have choosed following add-ons as best Add-ons for October 2017.

Top 3 Add-ons From India

Congrats to all the 3 developers Balaji, Nagaraj and Sriram for giving these wonderful add-ons to our community. And all the other developers who put effort to bring their Extension to AMO

We know Firefox 57 ( #newfirefox) is going to come this November 14th 2017. To Celebrate this we are again having contest. Again dont forget to tag the submission with mozillain in AMO and submit the entries in the github Link

All the best.