Consider accessibility as a category

So, this seems like the right place to post this as I didn’t find any other place suitable(possibly reddit, but nah).

As of now there are a good amount of categories in the

However, I’m missing an category that other categories don’t cover. Accessibility.
Now personally I hope I don’t have to argue about how important accessibility is.

Adding this as a new category on the AMA will benefit users whose web experience can be improved by accessibility add-ons. It will also help them discover new add-ons that could help them.

A bit of background & context of why:
I’m the maintainer of dark reader, and I’m currently try to focus dark reader more on being a accessibility add-on. At this moment we are listed under the appearance category, which anyone could argue that this is the correct place. However I feel this category belongs to add-ons like Stylus, I don’t care about cookies that actually change appearance of sites.

As for chrome webstore we are listed under accessibility and it will be great to have the same category on the AMA.