Console height too short, need an expand button plz

Hi, as a developer i often use the Response tab to see the output of a given XHR request. That’s very nice, but more often than not i find that the height of the window is too small and i must scroll in order to see the bottom of my output.
What bothers me is that there is a lot of unused space below (see capture), and i just wish that empty blank space (for the js console? which i almost never use) would be instead used by the Response tab so that i don’t have to scroll.
So now i have a blank space below and i feel frustrated that i have to scroll while this space could be used so that i don’t have to (scroll).
So it feels like the ui is not as optimized as it could to me.
Not a BIG problem, but from time to time when i have big debug data to analyze, the fact that i have to scroll to find the information can waste some precious time.

If i had that space below filled with the Response, i would then organize my windows differently, put phpStorm on the left, Firefox on the right, and i could have that nice overview that makes things more intuitive for bug resolution.

But don’t worry, i will survive :slight_smile: , it’s just a preference matter, i hope other people noticed that too, so that it adds weight to this feature request.

I agree this is not ideal. In the meantime, you can right click on the link and select “Open in Network Panel”, where you should have more room to see the response data

Oh thanks, i should have thought of that.
That solves the problem. :slightly_smiling_face: