Console Response not showing HTML - only shows "raw"

In Firefox 107.0.1 64-bit (Windows 10)

When looking at the console, the response tab no longer shows rendered HTML code - the response is blank.

Only if I select “Raw” over on the right do I see anything - only code.

Is this new behaviour from Firefox, or have I inadvertently changed an option?

The only way to now see the rendered page is through the “Network” tab.

Please see images.

Attached screenshots

Hello, this looks like
The fix will be in Firefox 109, which will be in release next week (it’s already fixed in Firefox beta/DevEdition)

Hi, I’m on 110.0 and still having the same issue.
When exporting to .har, the same entry that gives this issue when on the network console also gives “Response bodies are not included.” and I can’t see the response content.

It works fine for me on 110.0.1