Container causes the whole browser to crash

Hello! I was looking for a proper place to file a bug report but sure not where to file the bug so allow me to spam here :sweat_smile:

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Open up a website such as youtube in a new container tab (let’s assume in Personal container).
  2. Right click on the page and select Always Open in This Container.
  3. Now open up any webpage which contains a hyper links of youtube.
  4. Right click on the link and try to open the link in some other container (let’s assume Work container).

Expected Result :
Do something without crashing the browser for the love of god :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actual Result :
Crashes the whole browser which is super annoying.

If some needs more input to fix the issue I’ll be glad to help out.

We normally take bug reports on github, I can’t see a duplicate bug.

I don’t see a crash in the latest version of the experiment. Could you provide the details of visiting about:support for example your OS, Firefox version and what extension versions you have installed.

Ops, forgot to mention the platform. I’m on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 using FIrefox 54.0 (64-bit).

Build ID : 20170612122310
Containers Experiment : 2.4.1
Test Pilot : 1.1.4-dev-ead6dcd

Should I move this thread to GitHub issues? That will be more helpful for you to work with, I assume.

You can which might make it better tracked. Do you have the crash caused in about:crashes?

@jkingston Moving this discussion to GitHub. I added the output of the about:crashes in the issue as well.