Container colours - what happened?

What happened to being able to visualize which container each tab was in at a glance?

Having everything but the main tab NOT showing its colour makes it somewhat cumbersome to navigate through similar tabs in different containers.

What version of Firefox are you using? It sounds like you are using an old version of the experiment or an older browser.

I had reinstalled everything as I was switching to a new hard drive.
I’m using Beta 56.0b4 (64-bit) and Dev Ed 56.0b4 (64-bit).

Just realized what the issue is. The colours are showing properly when you use the default theme, but using the compact themes make them disappear.

I assume this is a recent bug, cause I used to use containers with the compact theme and the colours showed fine.

I’m using light compact theme and colours are working fine

I have the same issue. I’m on Firefox 56.0b6, macOS 10.12.6 (16G29), Containers 3.1.0

The colors show when I’m using the default theme, but neither the white nor the black compact theme show them. I can only see the color for the currently active tab.

Default theme:

Compact theme: