Container indicators no longer appear in Nightly 57

Yesterday, when curved tabs were still around, a slim bar of color appeared at the top of every tab indicating which container group it was in, but today, with square tabs, those colors are gone, and there’s no indication what container a non-active tab belongs to.

Hi Christopher,

I’m currently working on a fix for this in:

We will be migrating to using an underline on the tab which won’t span the full width of the tab.

This will match the current implementation in Test Pilot which you can install in the interim which fixes the issue:


I have the test pilot installed (maybe I misremembered where on the tab the strip of color was). Even with the test pilot, it’s not there.

Good. I like the color bars on the tabs and want them back :slight_smile:
But I do note that the address field has an indicator, if not an overly large one.

@tierack interesting, I have this installed on Linux and it’s working fine. What platform are you on?

Yeah they will return 100% I’m hoping to get the fix in ASAP.

Basically the squaring of the tabs was a huge refactor that changed loads of code, we simply had to wait for it to make the change. Even though we were aware of it, it was less risky to let it break for a few days.

There is also which is tracking issues caused by 57 for Test Pilot users.

I had a suspicion there was a better place to report issues. Thanks.

I’m on macOS.