Container Inhalt; gelöst,solved!


Vielleich habe ich es nicht verstanden, aber ich habefolgendens Problem.
–> Container "FireFox Inhalt"angelegt, und den Link hinzugefügt.
–> Container “Einkaufen”, hier habe ich und hinzugefügt.

–> PROBLEM jetzt: Wenn ich den Container “FireFox Inhalt” anzeige sind jetzt alle 3 Links zu sehen.
–> Ebenso in dem Container "Einkaufen"sind jetzt alle 3 Links zu sehen.
–> Wenn ich jetzt den Link aus dem Container “Einkaufen” entferne, ist dieser auch im
Container “FireFox Inhalt” weg.

Was mache ich falsch? Ich verstehe es nicht ?

Assuming translate works correctly, I think you have two containers and are expecting it to jump from one container to the next when you navigate.

You can assign a container by right clicking a page when in the container and then whenever you are in the other container it will ask to open in the first.

So if you assigned to “firefox content” then when you click a link from or you type it again into a blank tab then it would open in the “firefox content” container.

I’m sorry I don’t speak German and I don’t think anyone else on the containers team does either :frowning:

Please let me know if you have other questions too, or let me know if I didn’t understand.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I did not mind that you would not speak german,
so please excuse me für this.

I will try to explan my problem in english:

-> I have a Container named „Shopping“.
Then i put two „shopping“ links in the Container

-> Now i ceated a new container named “FireFox Inhalt”
I put 1 link into this container, „

-> So right now i have in Container „Shopping“ 2 Links and in
Container “FireFox Inhalt” 1 link.

-> I closed both Container and then opend Container „Shopping“
and i have suddendly 3 links in it.
And when i open the Container “FireFox Inhalt“ i also have all 3 links in it.

So i am doing something wronge, that i do not understand. Can you help me?


This sounds very odd, perhaps screenshots of the flow.

It sounds as if you open a link and it opens 3 tabs? I’m really not sure how that would be possible.


Sorry for my bad english, i explained not wright i guess.
I try again:

  1. Open a empty container

  2. I put a link in it.

  3. Open a second container.

  4. i put 2 diferrant links in it.

  5. I do not open any links.

  6. I close both container.

  7. Now i open the first container and the content is 3 links (I do not open a link)

  8. Now i open second container, also the content are all 3 links (I do not open a link).

  9. I think like this: first container shoud have the 1 link content

  10. I think like this: second cointainer shoud have the 2 links content

  11. but both container content 3 links???

  12. I tried this with a Hardcopy:

I hope i made it understanding for you. Thank you.

Hmm so the issue is the favourites section on the new tab page?

I think this works across all containers so will show the contents of all your containers.

Whilst containers are isolated in when it interacts with web pages, not all features in Firefox behave this way. Like the URL bar will show contents of all containers.

Thank you very much for your patiencewith me and for the helping.
Is there a way to turn off the favourites ? I could not find anything to do so.

The activity stream tab page has options in the top right under the cog icon.
I personally don’t see this section at all as I disable history on my primary profile.

I also can’t replicate it either in blank profiles, perhaps it is actually an extension taking over your new tab page?

Thank you so much for your help.
now i know that i have misunderstood the use of container.

sorry, i do not understand container using and there is no german explaning for it.

please excuse me for wasting your time. i am so sorry.

Containers isolate cookies and other storage to web pages. So when you open a tab tracking scripts are not aware that you have been other pages on the internet.
As containers isolate your browsing, you can log into the same website with multiple containers.